Team Michael Caines Joins with Team Exeter Chiefs to Serve Exeter School Children and Families.
Hundreds of children and families at Wynstream Primary Schoool in Exeter were served up some fresh and tasty food by Michael Caines and his team alongside Tony Rowe and team Exeter Chiefs.
The community event included sports fun with Exeter Chiefs rugby players Josh Hodge, Frankie Nowell and Elliot Young. The Family Food Fun Day, staged by the Chief’s Community Team, used funds remaining from a Christmas feed families event. The Exeter Chiefs Foundation ring fenced £50,000 to feed struggling families in the run up to Christmas 2022. Working with Exeter Food Action they were able to provide more than 1,000 festive lunches and still had cash left in the pot. Funds remaining enabled the event at the primary school in Wonford on Friday 9 June. Michael Caines has been helping to coordinate the project as he is a trustee of the Exeter Chiefs Foundation, he said: ‘I have always championed charities which help to improve the lives of the people in our community. My team and I were delighted to be involved in this fun event with the Exeter Chiefs and we will be planning more events like this in the future.’ Exeter Chiefs Chairman Tony Rowe said, ‘It’s fantastic to be able to come into the school and make a difference. We chose the school because of the area, and we’re really pleased about how many people have turned out.’ Headteacher of Wynstream, Elise Redman said, ‘This community has been disproportionately impacted over the last few years and the school too. Food poverty is very real here, so this event is a great opportunity to share fresh quality food.’ Many thanks to Darts Farm who provided the beef burgers and sausages and BID Food who provided items. Vegeware packaging was used to distribute.