Meet The Harbourside Refuge's New Manager
Cornwall born Simon Wilson has joined the team as the new Restaurant Manager for The Harbourside Refuge. Chatting with Simon, he said “I feel very proud to work under an amazing company of which Michael Caines has been able to build. I want to now push myself and the restaurant to the best it can be. There is an amazing team at The Harbourside Refuge which means there are no limits to what can be achieved.”

After leaving college, Simon moved to London where he found his love for hospitality, especially in cocktail bars during the busy rugby periods. Hospitality was a passion he shared with his Dad who worked in the industry all his life and one that he was proud to follow in his Dad’s footsteps. He soon returned to Cornwall to get the slower style of life and come back to the community that he knows and loves. Now living a stone’s throw away from the restaurant in the neighbouring town of Helston he is able to spend time with his family alongside this new venture.

Taking over from Andrew Griffiths who is now the Operations Manager for Michael Caines Cornwall sites, Wilson says: “Porthleven is my favourite place in Cornwall, so to be able to work there daily means I get to enjoy the views every day.” Book your table to visit Simon and the team at The Harbourside Refuge.