Introducing: Themed Wine Nights
Wine is a cultural symbol that has changed and adapted over thousands of years, shifting from an important source of nutrition to a cultural complement of food and international delicacies. Being so ingrained into our culture, the wines of Europe have become a worldwide staple and that is something that the Michael Caines Collection wants to pay homage to.  

We have chosen to host wine-themed nights across the venues within the collection, with an evening dedicated to the wines of France and Spain being hosted at Mickeys Beach in March and April, while the wines of Portugal will be showcased early next month at Lympstone Manor.  

Claire Roberts, an experienced wine connoisseur from Christopher Piper Wines, will be playing host at Mickeys, where she’ll introduce and give detailed talks about a variety of Spanish and French regional wines while guests indulge in four courses of thematic cuisine to suit the occasion.

Sogrape Brand Manager, Mary Wright, will be leading the Portuguese-themed evening at Lympstone Manor, where Michael’s famous cuisine will be married with vinos from across the country, including the sparkling wines of Bucelas and the sumptuous Ports of the Douro Valley, to name a few.

Want to partake? Reserve your spot at Mickeys and Lympstone Manor early to avoid disappointment.