One for the Boys

One for the Boys, founded by Sofia Davis with Samuel L Jackson as its Chairman, is a charity that aims to raise awareness about cancers that affect men. It is a cause that Michael wholeheartedly supports: he was proud to cook at the partnership dinner at Harrods to launch the campaign, and in 2014 prepared a fabulous meal in the Natural History Museum for the One for the Boys Fashion Ball.

“Cancer still strikes far too many, and there is less awareness than there should be about cancers that affect men. One for the Boys is a charity that I am proud to be involved with.”

The main mission of One for the Boys is simply to get men talking about cancer by removing the myths around it, and helping them to change their attitudes towards their health. This is achieved by educating men through awareness campaigns and live clinics to know the signs associated with cancer. This will encourage them to seek help and allow for the early detection that can save lives.