13th March – Sommelier’s Lunch: Wines of New Zealand

For those who are interested in fine wines from New Zealand we are to host a very special lunch here at Lympstone Manor on Wednesday 13th March. The lunch will feature a selection of specially chosen wines from one of the great wine producing nations to match each course from a seasonal menu designed by Michael Caines.

This will also be an opportunity for you to listen to Head Sommelier Marko Magi give a fascinating overview of New Zealand and it’s wine making history outlining some of the top regions and properties to look out for when choosing wine yourself. Marko will then introduce and explain each wine after it has been served by his team giving an insight into the flavour profile and why he has chosen it for its matched dish.

With over a dozen different wine regions split between the North and South Island, New Zealand’s temperate maritime climate is the perfect environment for growing grapes and often its wineries are nestled within some of the most dramatic landscapes to be found anywhere on earth. Although it only accounts for less than 1% of production worldwide it delivers an extraordinary range of very high-quality wine varieties and styles. They have access to and use some of the best of new world viticultural and wine making techniques in order to capture the essence of their grapes varietal character which are then transformed into textural and elegant wines enjoyed by consumers the world over.

£89 to include matching wine flight